Comments from Couples Who Have Experienced Retrouvaille

"We came to Retrouvaille thinking nothing would work.  It was the first time we really faced our problem as a couple and began to work on our marriage together. We have been given another chance."

"Retrouvaille gave me the means to look at myself honestly and objectively. We have been given a new meaning to our marriage and the ways with which to build our relationship."

"We are finally (after 18 years) getting to know each other in a new light. We like what we see and we are experiencing true love, as we never thought possible."

"Retrouvaille hasn't eliminated our problems or concerns, but has given us the tools to work with. It has given us a better understanding of each other and the maturity to talk things out instead of just fighting."

"We had drifted apart over the years, almost living like strangers together. Our love was buried under bitterness and anger- we rarely talked and mostly tolerated one another. We found we could begin again, forget the past mistakes we had both made and go on from here."

"We were separated. I was alone without any support. Counseling resolved many individual problems, but Retrouvaille helped us to face our marriage problems together."

"Conflict over management of teenagers, long working hours and financial worries had us both isolated. Retrouvaille showed us how to reconnect to the benefit of us and our children."

"After 27 years interspersed with physical violence and deceit, Retrouvaille gave us the hope and resolve that led to the peace and mutual support we now enjoy."

"We had both been unfaithful, yet Retrouvaille gave us the trust to find each other again."

"Our love was buried under bitterness and anger. The program dug it out."

"Retrouvaille proved to be a miracle for me.  The healing didn’t happen overnight.  We did all the work, but someone told us how to do it.  We had a good marriage, but something was missing."